The first stage of plant growth during which a seed is propagated into a seedling.


A phase of rapid development during which shoots and foliage flourish, and overall size is achieved.

Can last several weeks or several months.


A process by which harvested, drying marijuana is lightly packed and sealed so that remaining

moisture at the center of each bud is forced to distribute evently throughout the bud.

Alternative from open-air to close bag.

1. open-air 24 hrs

2. in bag 8 hrs

3. open-air 16 hrs

4. in bag 6 hrs

5. open-air 12 hrs

Continue as necessary.


The family of plants found naturally in warm, equatorial climates.

Characterized by long thin leaf-blades and longer maturation periods.

Sativas are well known for their ability to relieve symptoms, while still allowing the patient to go about 

their daily life without feeling too tired.

Sativas can alleviate symptoms for diseases and disorders such as:

- Nausea

- Depression

- Low appetite 

- Chronic pain

- Glaucoma


- Headaches


The family of plants found in northern or southern climates.

Characterized by short, wide leaf-blades and short maturation periods.

Indicas are known to have more a sedative effect. Indica strains are ideal 

for alleviating the symptoms of patients suffering from insomnia and pain.

They also can alleviate symptoms of other diseases and disorders such as:

- Anxiety

- Arthritis

- Parkinsons

- Panic attacks

- Chronic Pain


Hybrid strains are a cross of two or more strains of cannabis, allowing the

patient to get the desired effects of both Indica and Sativa in one.

For example let´s say a patient has arthritis pain but needs to medicate

before work each day. A hybrid strain would allow him to reap the benefits of

Indica´s pain relief without becoming too drowsy.



Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many cannabinoids found in Cannabis and is one of the main cannabinoids present in naturally occurring populations of cannabis and in industrially cultivated varieties of cannabis sativa L. CBD is not psycho-active but has several pharmacological properties.

It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

The reduced psycho-activity of CBD rich cannabis appeals as a treatment option for patients seeking relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety, and spasmodic effects without disconcerting symptoms of euphoria or lethargy.

Clinical and other scientific studies indicate CBD to be effective in easing symptoms of a wide range of difficult to control conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, alcoholism, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), epilepsy, antibiotic-resistant infections, and neurological disorders.

CBD has demonstrated neuroprotective properties, and its anti-cancer potential is currently being explored at several academic research centers in Spain, the United States and other countries along with the effects of THC.

Medical marijuana patients are using CBD-rich cannabis for a wide variety of conditions,

including serious and incurable diseases, and conditions that may respond poorly to

FDA-approved pharmaceuticals. Over 12% are using it to adress the side effects of cancer treatment.

Patients with psychiatric illnesses, mood disorders, neurological diseases and CNS injuries favor

CBD-dominant cannabis medicines.

Patients with pain and inflammation favor CBD-rich cannabis medicines with more equal levels of CBD and THC.

THC matters. Patients using the 4:1 CBD-to-THC were the most likely to report a reduction in pain or

discomfort, and improvement in mood and energy. Patients using the 2:1 CBD-to-THC radio reported 

the greatest improvement in overall wellbeing.

This finding is consistent with scientific research indicating that CBD and THC interact synergistically to enhance one another´s therapeutic effect.

Medical Properties of CBD:                           Effects:

- Antiemetic                                                      - Combats nausea and vomiting

- Anticonvulsant                                              - Combats seizure activity

- Antipsychotic                                              - Combats psychosis disorders

- Anti-inflammatory                                      - Combats inflammatory disorders

- Anti-oxidant                                              - Combats neurodegenerative disorders

- Anti-tumoral/Anti-cancer                              - Combats tumor and cancer cells

- Anxiolytic/Anti-depressant                            - Combats anxiety and depression disorders