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Flow & Grow growsystem

Flow & Grow growsystem is a hydroponic system for small private use. It is a ready-made culture system with no soil involved.

Fits in G-kit 1200 Wing

For our Bonanza and Wing grow cabinets you buy tailormade systems. The Flow & Grow growsystem 1200 Wing (hxlxw) 105 x 133 x 27cm is made specifically for G-Tools Wing 1200 grow cabinet. The Flow & Grow growsystem 1200 Wing has room for 28 plants.

Hydroculture popularity increases

The Flow & Grow growsystem is based on hydroponics. This is the growing of plants in water. Add the necessary nutrients to the water. There is no medium to pass. So no more carrying bags of soil. It is a farming method that is increasingly being used. Not only for plants but also for vegetable cultivation in the greenhouse, such as tomato and chicory.

An important advantage is that you can dispense nutrients easily and accurately. Also causers of plant diseases, such as fungi and bacteria, are kept under control easier than with traditional breeding processes.

How Flow & Grow works

The carriers of the system also serve as water reservoirs. The carriers are interconnected with each other and form a large water tank. Here you make the nutritional solution. The water with the nutrients are continuously pumped by the overlying planters. All Flow and Grow Systems are very simple in construction and operation.


The planters are “netcups“. Place your plants in the netcups and fill them with clay pellets. The roots grow through the netcups and suspended in the stream of water with nutrients. The water circulates within the system which limits water consumption to a minimum.

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Flow and grow 1200 Wing

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