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BIO NOVA has created a superior coconut substrate slab that has especially been developed for “top” results. 

CocoSlab is a professionally developed growing medium, which complies to the strict RHP-norms (i.e. Regulation for Trade of Potting Soil).

The substrate consists of an UV-resistant foil filled with finely flaked coconut fibres, which have been treated extensively for diseases, vermin, and excess substances.

Compared to media such as rock wool, CocoSlab has a great number of benefits:

- obviously a high yield

- a natural substrate- no longer problems with waste matter, coconut can be re-used outside as high-quality compost

- the slabs are ready-to-use

- pure materials with a very low EC (0.6-0.8 ms/s)

- it has an ideal pH-value of 5.8

- coconut has ideal proportions of water/air

- the slabs can be re-used

- CocoSlab is very easy to use

The CocoSlab can be applied into existing substrate systems without a problem, since they have the same size as rock wool slabs: 100x15x7 cm. (7 cm. high after soaking).

BIO NOVA has developed a special fertilizer for CocoSlab's, Coco Nova A-B,  this is a two-component growing and flowering nutrient solution, which contains all elements required for a top success.

Ask your specialist shop for the special fertilization scheme.

There are thus many reasons for using CocoSlab. 

In case of further questions ask your supplier or contact BIO NOVA.


Put the slabs in the system. 

Pump approximately 4-5 litres of water or a low dosage of nutrient solution into each slab, wait for 30 minutes (the coco slabs will swell up) and are ready to use. 

After the swelling, cut in the slabs at the surface for drainage. 

Subsequent fertilization occurs according to the Coco Nova fertilization scheme.

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Bio Nova CocoSlab

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