Although Mapito a little longer exists, growers seem especially in recent years to discover. The advantages of growing on this substrate This is no coincidence, because Mapito as substrate firm in structure and has an optimal ratio of water and oxygen. This forms the basis for a very good harvest! Mapito consists of rock wool flakes and coconut fibers. Mapito itself therefore contains little nutrition, but water and liquid food is stored within it. 

Rinse, EC and pH value 

Before we can use Mapito we need first to rinse, so as to reduce the EC. Earth clean Another important point when growing on Mapito is that we must keep an eye on. PH of the substrate well For the successful growing on Mapito it is best if we have a pH-value in the substrate holding between the 5.3 and 5.8. Since normal tap water would have 7.5, a pH example this means that we have to bring down. PH of tap water By using pH-min, and the correct dosage to be applied, we can get. The pH-value to the ideal value see Measured and tested regularly is hereby recommended. Often there is to be found on the pH of the water in your area. Much information on the Internet 


At the start of culturing on Mapito it's like when growing on rockwool important that we soak. Mapito the If you do not do or do wrong, it is likely that the long Mapito will not work as well and significantly less will absorb moisture and the plants may run. All stone wool substrates (including Mapito) are for the start of culturing to be soaked. This is done in order to ensure that the ability of the Mapito to hold water will be increased. This is called the "capillary action." Mapito that has not been previously soaked keeps the water sufficiently firm and also gives the plants or insufficient, the ability to record from it. Fluids and nutrition Often you see such problems for growers strikingly cuttings do not take. It is not wrong or soaking the Mapito here is often the main culprit. The young, often vulnerable cuttings will not keep it long. This is also why rockwool slabs are often equipped with a plastic layer (white cover). In regular horticultural operates this plastic cover as propagator. Moreover, thanks to the plastic cover, the mats can be easily completely soaked. If Mapito or rock wool is not soaked, before the start of the breeding places remained dry during cultivation will not be wet. The Mapito can not maintain optimal moisture. For optimal soaking, you may Mapito best 24 hours to keep wet. In this way, the basis for a good harvest already laid! 


When the flower pots or growing trays fills in for the first time with Mapito flakes, make sure that you fill the pots or breeding tanks up. Because there because in doing so, as many flakes will prevent the substrate collapses too much after the flakes have become. Moist for the first time Due to the water, the flakes are of course heavier and become a part of the air is pressed from it. This allows a substrate of Mapito shrink considerably. By bringing a sufficiently thick layer on the substrate after the collapse will be sufficiently thick to remain there decent plants to be able to continue to grow. Should the low Mapito still sagging too much, please insert extra flakes so that the pot is optimally filled. 

Available in bags of 80 liters

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Mapito 80 liter

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