This vigorous strain has impressed all with its growth and consistent CBD to THC ratio (20-1). In testing THC levels have never yet exceeded 1% and CBD levels have tested between 11% and 20% making it one of the first CBD dominant cannabis strains in history.

With a ratio of 20:1, the high CBD levels and their associated anti-psychotic capabilities outweigh the relatively small amounts of THC removing the “high” and providing the patient with a non-psychoactive cannabis Sativa L plant.

Breeder: MM Genetics

Variety: Mostly Sativa

THC Content: 0.5% 

CBD Content: 11-20%

CBD to THC ratio:  20:1 

Sex: Feminised

Grows: Indoors, Outdoors, Greenhouse

Flowering Time: 9 Weeks

Yield: High

Medicinal Use: Depression, ADHD, Anorexia, Epilepsy, Autism. 

CD-1 is a high yielding feminised strain that can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It is recommended for all environments and grow-media and has a unique lemon flavour and aroma that compliments its medicinal properties. CD-1 will flourish in any climate. 

Candida will noticeably produce two different phenotypes; a sativa and an indica. Initial research has suggested that the sativa phenotype will produce lower, whispier yields often associated with sativa strains. We have noticed to date that the sativa pheno produces higher CBD counts. In comparison, the indica pheno will produce bigger, denser yields with lower CBD levels but still with significant CBD content. It is recommended to give good care to the sativa phenos as these can be harder to manage and will have larger distances between the internodes making the plants more vulnerable.


All strains have been tested independantly by both Canna and Totem Labs.

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Candida (CD-1)

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