Name : Dimlux Expert Series UHF EL 1000W 400V

Output: 1000W 400V

We now have a showroom where Opticlimate and Dimlux ballast already working to see, and where you are welcomed as a customer hope to come open by appointment . For more information , or to make an appointment , please call our phone number .

By internal voltage conversion suitable for 400Volt EL electronic lamps on a standard 230 connection . By combining these Dimlux with 1200W output and Philips GreenPower 1000W 400V EL DE provides an unparalleled amount of light .

- Suitable for 1000W 400V EL lamps DE

- Ultra High Frequenty ( UHF ) 140kHz

- Connection 230

- Output 600/1200W

- Soft start ( low inrush current) when used without Maxi Controller and Zero - start ( no inrush current ) with the Maxi Controller

- Soft Dim

- Dimming with 7 positions and Soft - Off function . Also on and off and stepless dimming with the Maxi Controller

- Equipped with extensive diagnostic LEDs

- 20 % Overdrive ( due cooled reflector )

- Equipped with loose 4M cord and plug

The expert series are complete fixtures , where the revolutionary Alpha Optics reflector comes . This reflector is designed according to the Single Bounce Clearsight ( SBCS ) principle and is equipped with Miro Silver mirrors. This is the highest efficiency ( 98 % ) achieved all horticultural reflectors available .

Equipped with adjustable reflectors for better overlap and to minimize . Wall losses The open design of the reflector lamp passively cooled the lifetime and efficiency of the lamp is beneficial . There is a 50mm socket on the reflector which can be actively extracted and to significantly reduce the room temperature. In addition, there can be placed an optional design of reflectors in order to reduce the loss. On the walls even more This reflector is replaceable .

By using the Nano Tube can be drawn off so that the temperature decreases in parallel. Through the Nanotube the lamp will always maintain the ideal temperature so that the efficiency and longevity even come higher. Using the Nano Tube , it is possible to achieve 20 % lumens boost , this is only possible if the lamp is to be actively cooled.

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Dimlux Expert Series EL UHF 1000W 400V

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