• The Emergency Backup Extractor on battery

The Emergency Backup Extractor on battery


Have you ever stopped to consider what happens in your grow room if the power fails due to a fault or a blown fuse? The ventilation stops Son case with suction and the pressure drops. This leak unfiltered air out of the grow room so that will be. Smell in the area in a short time


Using The Back-Up you can avoid this problem. This patented system starts during power is natural aspiration of the air from your grow room. The Back-Up up to 7 days guarantee the pressure in your grow room without using electricity from the mains. Use


Place the unit on or in your grow room. Connect to the input flange via a 125 mm tube with carbon filter that is in the culture space. On the output flange allows a hose 125 mm connection and lead to a place where you may be blown out. Insert the plug into the outlet and you are protected against odor!


- Compact, rugged and discreet design

- 4 ventilation modes in accordance with a duration of 1, 2, 4 and 7 days

- Automatically charges while AC power is present

- Display for charge current, battery level indicator display

- Very ef- ficient energy by patented technique

- Easy to install

- Up to 400 m3 per hour of air

- 125 mm flanges

- Portable, 25 Kg

- Also turn extraction at cutting or dry tent manually



The Back-Up automatically starts as soon as the suction power is out and stops when the power does it again. The flashing LEDOS on display later you see if there has been a power failure. Due to the Reset position to turn this indicator off again.


Is The Back-Up on and connected to the mains or the battery is charged and kept full. This is shown by the running of the LEDs on the display. If the Back-Up to suctioning then you will see on the display the battery power remaining.


The Back-Up is now possible to have. Wherever you want in no time extraction Place the Back-Up, for example cutting or drying room, connect a filter and 125mm hose, turn on the Manual mode and the air is exhausted. When the power supply is also connected, meanwhile the battery recharged.

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The Emergency Backup Extractor on battery

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