• Canna Aqua Flores A+B 10 Liter

CANNA Aqua Flores is a complete nutrient for plants, containing all the essential elements for optimal flowering. Aqua Flores is used in recirculating systems, such as NFT or ebb and flow systems.

Advantages of Aqua Flores

In the plant’s exuberant generative (blooming) phase, it is vitally important that all necessary nutrients are available directly and in the right quantities. Aqua Flores stimulates the growth of fruits and contains all necessary elements that are required during the blooming phase. For example, the plant requires less nitrogen during the blooming phase. However, the need for potassium and phosphorous is greater. Aqua Flores is rich in these elements and special chelated trace elements allow direct absorption resulting in a perfect bloom.

Aqua Flores stimulates the fructification and provides every plant with its characteristic flavour.

Aqua Flores is easy to use, dissolves directly and is extremely suitable for growing with re-circulating hydroponic systems. It contains pH-stabilisers, so there is no need to adjust the pH.

Aqua Flores nutrition also contains silicon, humic and fulvic acids.

Why A&B nutrients?

CANNA Aqua Flores nutrients consist of two parts, an A part and a B part. We separate these parts for a reason. As it happens, if some of the elements in part A and B are thrown together at the same time, they clog together. The plant cannot absorb this. That's why you should first add the A component and then the B component.

User Instructions

Shake bottle well before use

Fill nutrient reservoir with water

Add Aqua Flores to the nutrient reservoir with the dilution ratio 1:333 (30 ml A per 10 litre of water and 30 ml B per 10 litre of water)

Add Aqua Flores A. Stir well, then add Aqua Flores B. Again, stir well and let mixture stand for some hours

The EC of Aqua Flores dissolved in (tap) water varies between 1.3 - 2.1 mS/cm2 (= the solution EC + the water EC)

Recommended pH: 5.2 - 6.2 Due to the special composition of this nutrient it is not necessary to adjust the pH levels after setting it initially

Use the nutrition from the moment that flowers start to form, from 1 to 3 weeks 12 hours of lighting

Renew the nutrition regularly

Storage, health & safety and other directions

CANNA developed Aqua Vega specially for the flowering phase of the plant

Do not mix A & B concentrate directly; Insoluble combinations will occur which the plant cannot absorb

Store closed in a dark and frost-proof place

Keep out of reach of children

Warranty / Guarantee

CANNA only works with high graded nutrients and chelates, which are immediately and completely available for the plant. The bottle is made of Polyethylene (PVC and cadmium free), an easily biodegradable and recyclable plastic.

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Canna Aqua Flores A+B 10 Liter

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