• Aptus Camg-Boost 1 Liter

Powerful calcium & magnesium fertilizer

Fruiting plants demand a large amount of calcium and magnesium. CaMg-Boost prevents deficiencies in calcium and magnesium. CaMg-Boost contains calcium, magnesium and L-amino acids. CaMg-Boost is fully water soluble and leaves no residue behind. CaMg-Boost is an organic product that stands out for the bioavailability of active substances. CaMg-Boost has a powerful stimulating effect on fruit/bud setting of plants.



– Organo-mineral calcium & magnesium fertilizer

– High concentrations of Calcium and magnesium in a single product

– Prevents calcium deficiency

– Prevent magnesium deficiency

– Improves structure and firmness of the flower / fruit

Tips & Trics

– Apply CaMg-Boost instead of a separate Calcium or Magnesium fertilizer.

– CaMg-Boost is fully water soluble and does not cause clogging in drip systems.

– The CaMg-Boost has a minimal effect on pH and EC of nutrient solution.

– Use CaMg-Boost in combination with K-Boost in the last weeks to get maximum weight


CaMg-Boost contains left-turning amino acids, calcium and magnesium.

CaMg-Boost is available in 150ml, 500ml, 1000ml and 5000ml packaging’s.


Use CaMg-Boost once a week from the third week until the fifth week of blooming. When adding CaMg-Boost do not use additional boosters with phosphorus in it (PK 13/14, P-Boost, Super-PK, etc.).

Use 50 ml CaMg-Boost per 100l of water.

Shake before use.

– Completely water soluble

– Leaves no residue in the irrigation system

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Aptus Camg-Boost 1 Liter

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