• Aptus Nutrispray 150 ml

Natural surfactants

NutriSpray is a blend of natural surfactants, stimulators and microelements, to be used as a foliar fertilizer. It provides essential microelements during the complete growing cycle and leaves a natural coating on the leaf to protect and to feed. NutriSpray can be used for general nutrition or for deficiency correction.


Leaves an active layer containing microelements on leaf surface

Layer fully biodegrades within 10-15 days

Fast-acting nutrient absorption

Quickly treat common deficiencies

Tips & Tricks

Faster correction than root feeding if any deficiencies appear

Spray mother plants one week before cutting clones for healthier cuttings

Spray cuttings once per week to provide a protective shield and available nutrients

Always spray with lights off to avoid burning. Leave lights off for 20-30 minutes after spraying.


Organic surfactant

Horse chestnut extract


◊ Manganese (Mn)

◊ Sulphur (S)

◊ Zinc (Zn)

Application and dosage

Do not use full strength, always dilute with water.

Mix 2 ml per 1 L of water and spray on the entire leaf surface.

Indoor: Spray during weeks 1, 3, 5 of bloom for general nutrition.

Outdoor: Spray 1 week after planting, then once a month until harvest.

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Aptus Nutrispray 150 ml

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