• Bio Nova AlgaeMix 1 Liter

AlgaeMix is a 100% organic algae-extract composed of the brown deep sea-algae.

This bio-organic fertilizer is mixable with all fertilizers and could also be used as foliar feed.

AlgaeMix stimulates an optimal root development, heals and prevents mineral deficiencies

and effectively controls and protects diseases. 

Furthermore, it regulates the absorption of other nutrients.

Besides 1% N and 2% K, this product also contains over 25 trace elements and works as a bio-catalyst in bio-chemical processes.

AlgaeMix is used as a supplement primarily for its natural trace elements and organic components.


20-40 ml. per 100 litres of water.

As foliar feed: 10-20 ml. per litre.

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Bio Nova AlgaeMix 1 Liter

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