• Airsock 315 mm X 3 mtr

Ventilate your grow-room with fresh air! Advantages when using the B.A.C AIR-SOCK:

• Gives a more even vertical air circulation and prevents coldness
dropping straight on your plants • Brings a better micro-climate control, can improve the quality and quantity of your flowers
• Because of the improved vertical air circulation, 20% less air refreshment needed
• Reduces noise levels
• Filters all insects and substance parts from incomming air
• After each harvest the Air-Sock can be easily washed, by turning the Air-Sock inside/out to remove excess insects and dust, then place it in your washing machine on low temperature 30O C (cold wash), or wash by hand
• Quick and easy to install!

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Airsock 315 mm X 3 mtr

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