Over the last ten years the development of CO2 generators has really taken off.

Where “open” gas burners were often used in the past, with the related heat problems that often occurred, the water-cooled CO2 generator is the solution. This generator burns the gas and the temperature involved here is 1300 degrees Celsius.

After combustion this air enriched with CO2 is passed through two cooling units and this reduces the start temperature of 1300 degrees Celsius to the optimum

temperature of 23 to 24 degrees Celsius. This air enriched with CO2, with an optimum temperature, is now ready to be sent to the plants. This takes place by means of a continuously variable fan mounted on the CO2 generator.

The air enriched with CO2 is distributed between the plants via the CO2 Hose.

The CO2 generator has a lot of advantages:

- “Cold” CO2 due to water cooling

- Any quantity of CO2 required can be set

- Completely supplied with connection hoses for gas and water, CO2 sensor etc.

- Higher yields right away with CO2 enriched air

Dimensions: 26 cm x 65 cm x 75 cm

The CO2 Generator is available in a propane-butane version or housegas version.

Full 6 months warranty.

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CO2 Generator

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