The TechGrow CO2 controller with external CO2 sensor is very easy to use.
By far the best in its class thanks to its completely digital technology and revolutionary Push & Turn controls.

The TechGrow T-1 is a digitally controlled device which measures and regulates the CO2 value in a room. It is designed with a modern digital display on which you can easily read out the CO2 value and set the desired value, ranging between 300 ppm and 2000 ppm.
The T-1 is built in a solid and robust splash-proof casing and can be controlled entirely by a single Push & Turn button. The T-1 is also equipped with a min/max memory to display the minimum and the maximum CO2 value in a room. The external CO2 sensor is connected with a UTP cable, allowing you to perform measurements anywhere in the room.

- Power supply: 110V/230V (automatic)
- Consumption: 3 Watt (with sensor, without CO2 source)
- Range CO2 set: 300 to 2000 ppm
- Range CO2 +/-: 10 to 200 ppm (advice 50 ppm)
- Measurement time: 1 measurement per second

Special features:
    •    Plug & Play, can be used in small to very large rooms.
    •    Extremely accurate external CO2 sensor, produced by SenseAir® Sweden, the leading manufacturer in CO2 measurement.
    •    Built-in calibrationfunction to calibrate the CO2 sensor against outdoor air.
    •    Adjustable between 300 – 2000 ppm.
    •    The sensor takes a measurement every second.
    •    LED indicates when CO2 is being dosed.
    •    Memory in case of power outages for setpoint and hysteresis.
    •    Automatic 110V – 230V detection.
    •    The external CO2 sensor has a built-in light sensor to automatically switch between day and night settings.
    •    Automatically turns off the backlight of the display after 30 seconds.
    •    Automatically detects broken cable or bad connection of the connected sensors.
    •    Connecting the sensor is done with a standard network cable (UTP).
    •    Sensors are available separately.
    •    Possibility to connect the TechGrow AM-T: an SMS-module to remotely monitor the CO2 concentration.

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Techgrow CO2-controller T-1

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