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Jack Puck Presses are state-of-the-art pollen presses that are versatile in garnering performance with optimal functional attributes incorporated in it. The Jack Puck Pollen Press weighing two tons allows for the dismounting of moulds. One can choose to use any of the three moulds as they are interchangeable.

Gentle mechanical pressing induced in Jack Puck Pollen Press avoids any impurities to be mixed into the crystallized powder by way of oxidation or otherwise. Additionally, gentle mechanical pressing does not tamper with the natural coloring of high-quality crystals. However, it would be optimal to provide a gentle heat of 170° Fahrenheit (75° Celsius) maximum, so as to activate the chemically neutral form of resin, for a desired psychoactive effect.

It easy, effective, and fast! Grab a Jack Puck Press today for all your pressing needs!

With all the different sizes available for Jack Puck Presses, we wanted to make a quick post about what we all care about most….the PUCK SIZES!!! Keep in mind, the height of your puck depends on how much material you’re pressing so the diameter and L x W measurements are what you need to know.

When using a Jack Puck Press, there are a few things you can do to ensure pressing your plant extracts goes smoothly and efficiently…

1. Heat the moulds (Three pieces: Mould, Mould Base, and Cover) in the oven to between 150 – 200 degrees.

2. Place Silver Mould Base on unbleached parchment paper. Trace the mold with a pencil onto the parchment paper. Cut out the shape depending on the size and shape of your mould. Make sure you trim inside your ‘tracing line’.

3. Place the heated mold onto the press and then drop the mould base onto the top of the hydraulic jack. After that, place your parchment paper cut-out on top of the smaller mould base. The parchment paper should be an exact fit.

4. Load your plant extract into the mould onto the top of the parchment paper. Place a small piece of parchment on top of the mold after loading the plant extract.

5. Screw the square black cover plate on top of the parchment paper using the wing nuts. The shape of this piece of paper isn’t important as long as it covers the top of the mould hole.

Working the Jack Puck Press…
Work the press until its tight. It may just be a few pumps. Some people like to keep the pressure on for 1-2 hours, other for an entire day. It is best to use what you prefer but I would at least keep pressure on for 1-2 hours at the minimum. It won’t hurt to keep it on longer. Release pressure and unscrew the top square cover piece and remove. Replace the wingnuts and pump the disk up and out of the mold. It will not be stuck to the mold or paper. This is why the parchment paper works perfectly. Peel it off of the disk or square.

Long-Term Storage…
Using a zip lock bag, coat the pieces in vegetable oil and place inside bag. Vegetable oil is great because it will not rust the mould, can be removed easily prior to pressing, and will not hurt the final product.

Make sure you clean your moulds after every use. Your Jack Puck Press should stay oiled and lubricated to provide ease-of-use during your next press.
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Jack Puck Presses
Posted on November 12, 2014   

Jack Puck Presses: The Highest Grade Pollen Presses on the Market

When most hobbyists think about making paste discs or squares out of their favorite plant extracts, their mind usually turns to thoughts of cheap and flimsy aluminum pollen presses that you buy at your local head shop for less than $20. These usually work by compressing plant extracts with tedious turning and twisting of the compressor on the device. This process usually requires some gloves and lots of elbow grease. The end result is a basic pollen press that will give you three or four below-average uses.

What makes The Jack Puck Press Special?

The Jack Puck Press – on the other hand – takes a different approach to pollen pressing. The Jack Puck press is available in two different heavy-duty sizes (2 Ton and 8 Ton) and three different mold shapes (regular round, small round and square). This means users have a great variety of choice in terms of processing power, size and shape. Adding to the versatility of this state-of-the-art pollen press, the 2 Ton Jack Puck Press allows for the dismount and interchange of molds. This means that you can use any of the three molds on the same press – to your heart’s content.

Jack Puck Presses combine Simplicity with Quality in Collecting and Compressing Plant Extracts

The Jack Puck works with a hydraulic jack that delivers maximum pressure with minimal effort and yields consistent results. (The system works something like the jack you use when you are changing a tire.) With the simple up and down movement of the steel lever, the press activates the hydraulic compressor at the base of the Jack Puck mould. This process is as easy as: adding your plant extracts to the mould, sealing the chamber and compressing the paste. To make the process more effective, the manufacturers recommend heating the mold and its base (in an oven) prior to use.

Jack Puck Presses are Made and Distributed by the Manufacturers of Trimpro Flower Trimmers

Jack Puck Presses are made by Makametals in Canada. This is the same company that manufactures the legendary Trimpro Flower Trimmers. Those of us familiar with hydroponic leaf trimmers know that Trimpro is synonymous with quality and precision crafted leaf trimming equipment. Jack Puck Presses are manufactured under the same standards of excellence and have the same one year no-hassle warranty.

The bottom line is that hobbyists who are after a highly durable, versatile and reliable pollen press to manage their plant extracts, only need to look at one option: The Jack Puck

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Jack Puck Press 2 Ton Square

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