• G-Cloner

- set up: 4 floors 160 x 60 cm
- lighting: 8 x 58W neon, colour 33, in water tight housing.
- fan: G-tools 2 speed 220-360m3 per hour
- filter: Prima Klima K2601, 360m3
- fused timerbox with timer, IP40

- Warranty:1 year on all technical components

Clone cabinet.
This cabinet offers space for 2016 cubes of 40 x 40mm or 3600 cubes of 25 x 40mm.
The ventilator with silencer and filter, the timer and switch box are pre installed in the top section of the cabinet (see picture).
Underneath each floor the TLs are mounted. This way the heat from the TLs heatens up the floor above.
Fresh air is drawn in through 2 vents in the bottom of the cabinet.
The cabinet can be build up and dismantled within half an hour.

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